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Hangin’ Around is an independent textile design label based in Melbourne. It was founded by Claire Cummings in 2015 and launched in 2016. The intention behind Hangin’ Around is to create exclusive, small run collections that have been entirely handcrafted in a slow, sustainable and ethical manner.

Hangin’ Around pieces follow the idea of ‘textiles as wearable art’. Most items (excluding digital downloads and the crystalline collection) are made to order – a respectful practice that avoids unnecessary textile waste, and fosters a stronger buyer-product connection (because you know your piece was made especially for you!).

Hangin’ Around designs draw upon themes such as playfulness, youth, humour, a healthy lifestyle, nature, and positivity. When you don a Hangin’ Around piece, you feel like a kid again! Not to mention the great feeling that comes from shopping with a clear conscience. Yay for positive change!

Hangin’ Around consists of four design practices:

About Claire

Claire Cummings developed Hangin’ Around when she was 18 years old, after beginning her Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) and becoming immediately inspired to run her own label with a focus on creating an alternative to fast fashion. She brought Hangin’ Around to fruition in 2016, and divides her time between studying towards her degree and running this label.

Her first venture as a textile designer after co-running a successful Etsy store while in high school, Hangin’ Around is the amalgamation of Claire’s design vision and her desire to contribute positive, ethically made products to the fashion and homewares market.

She is passionate about promoting sustainability in the midst of a fast paced, wasteful consumer culture that takes advantage of those down the supply chain. She puts a focus on quality artisan textiles that can be enjoyed for long periods of time – a rebellion against fast fashion.

The designing, drawing, painting, digital design work, knitting, weaving, pattern making, sewing, packaging and so on is all done by Claire in her home studio, using selectively sourced high end yarns and materials from local suppliers.

Head over to the Sustainability page for a full run down on Hangin’ Around’s ethical practices