‘syn-aesthetic’ is a collection inspired by something i have called grapheme colour synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon where sensory perceptions ‘intertwine’ where they usually don’t, resulting in me perceiving letters and numbers to each have certain colours. it is a rad little disorder (though you could hardly call it that), that i’m lucky to have as it makes my world a hint more colourful! i didn’t even realise that perceiving letters and numbers to have colours wasn’t normal until late primary school, when I watched a video about it at the museum and it blew my mind! each of these items provides a glimpse into what it’s like viewing the world as a synesthete.

this range features hand painted and hand paper cut designs that have been digitally printed onto 100% organic cotton in melbourne, using non toxic, solvent free, water based pigment inks. the knitted accessories are created on a manual knitting machine using 100% new south wales wool that has been locally sourced from bendigo in victoria. each item is zero waste, handcrafted and made to order with love!

~ all garments and tote bags are available in each of the three patterns (pink alpha, navy alpha and check) ~

check out the syn-aesthetic look book here